July 21, 2015

A Perfectly Sweet Little Girl’s Room

These little girls have got something special. And it’s not just the fabulous pink bows…I dare you to take one look at them and say that they don’t!

Photos by the wonderfully talented Bax Miller.


A few months ago Caroline’s mom and dad came to me to design a room that would transition this precious three year old girl’s room from a nursery into a big girl’s room. And Caroline’s little sister Carson was along for the ride for an awesome transformation!

Here’s what we started with:



We kept the existing sweet baby pink color on the walls, the white swivel glider, and the dresser that was previously a changing table. We scrapped everything else and started new for Caroline!

My goal with any child’s room is to create a space that’s fun and stimulating, without being ‘baby’ like. I want kids’ rooms to grow up with them for years to come!


Contrast was key to this room’s success. That meant adding careful doses of black and white in equal measure, mixed with small pops of saturated color. The black and white artwork over the bed, the rug, and the crisp white bedding on the black bed are perfect examples of this.

The hot pink kilim pillow from my travels to Turkey, and the multi-color comforter at the foot of the bed add life and whimsy through color!




Oh, and in addition to the black and white, and pops of color…we needed some bling. Enter the gold sequin bow pillow. And that little guy next to the bow? Well, his name is ‘Joe’. That one made me smile on photo shoot day! 🙂



The white drapery panels with pom-pom trim are blackout lined so that Caroline can sleep with sweet dreams, whether it’s dark out or not.



Candid moments captured with my Instax mini instant camera. Mixed with a little bit of washi tape these photos add personal memories to any room. The best part about these photos is that you can more and more and it’s never too many!




On the opposite side of the room we removed the changing table from this dresser, and accessorized the top with an awesome new chartreuse lamp, tray and glass knot for color.


All in all, the goal of this project was to create a smart, fresh room for a special little girl named Caroline. One that she can grow up into a special teenager in without many changes needing to be made. Next up…doing the same for little sister Carson!