August 3, 2015

Home Office Makeover – Before and After

Because a home office is such a utilitarian room, we often neglect the design. For most people it’s all about function and utility. But if you work from home, shouldn’t the room you spend the most time in every day be beautiful?


Last year I met my client Natasha Stoneking, and learned quickly that she and I have a very similar design aesthetic and that we also share the same feelings about home offices! Natasha is the owner of Shop Sugarbit, an awesome online children’s boutique. She’s also the face behind the successful lifestyle blog Hello Happiness.

Natasha’s office is the first room that you see when you walk into her home, with French doors opening into the small but beautifully proportioned room. Because of it’s key location, it needed to be a showplace! Not to mention, the happier an office is, the more likely you are to want to spend a lot of time there and knock out tons of work!

Here are some before pictures:




I reused several of her existing pieces of furniture, which were great but not being featured to their fullest potential prior to our makeover. Her storage cabinet, desk, and clothing rack all stayed in their existing locations, while everything else in the room changed around them.


The first order of business was to have the room painted a medium gray. This included the walls and all of the molding in the room. That can be a scary leap to take if you’re used to only having white trim, but I encourage you to try it for a more muted, sophisticated backdrop. The existing ceiling light was too small, so I selected this larger gold lantern to correct the scale and add some bling.


The custom drapery panels are made with hand-printed silver metallic fabric. I layered in more gray pieces, like the square rug and custom clover shaped ottoman. This neutral backdrop set the stage for all of the colorful pieces that came next!



Taking a cue from the rack of brightly colored children’s clothing from Natasha’s Shop Sugarbit collection, I chose lighting, artwork and accessories that added strategic pops of saturated color around the room.


One of my personal favorite pieces is the desk chair, which was a family heirloom that had fallen into disrepair and was ready for a makeover. I had the chair reupholstered in peacock blue velvet, and had the seat cushion re-made so that the sitting height was perfect for a desk chair!



The end result is a personal, cheerful space where Natasha can run her business and her blog in style!


Photography by Bax Miller.